Install Windows on Linode

Install windows on Linode is not same with other providers, because we need to change boot setting to Direct Disk. Linode reboot slowly then in the video guide we change to Direct Disk at right time then we don't have to reboot after updated


  • If change to Direct Disk after status changed to "Installing" but before "Installed" => Don't need reboot

  • If change to Direct Disk after status changed to "Installed" => Need reboot

We also able to use TinyInstaller's InitScript in Linode. If you want to use init script, please follow steps below

Step 1 - Generate init script from TinyInstaller

You need to have license key first, if don't have let's buy one

Login to TinyInstaller

Go to then enter your key

Get Init Script

Then select Os and check Init Script

Step 2 - Create Stack Script

Goto StackScripts and click Create Stack Script

Enter script (copy from Step 1) here, make sure you select Debian 11 in Target Images

Step 3 - Create Windows VPS on Linode with StackScript

In Linodes/Create screen select stack scripts tab then choose the stack which you created before

Click Create Linode to create

After instance is running then go back to TinyInstaller -> My Instances to check install status

Step 4 - Check install status

Go to My Instances you may check status there

Please be patient and wait until you see your instance appear in the history list before moving to next step

Step 5 - Update Direct Disk (important)

After instance appear in TinyInstaller website we need to update Configuration in Linode. There are 2 valid points to update:

  • If TinyInstaller show "Installing" then just update to Direct Disk

  • If TinyInstaller show "Installed" then update to Direct Disk and Reboot

Change Boot Setting to Direct Disk then Save Changes

Reboot instance

Wait it boots up and connect. It may take 10-15 min, please be patient. When you see Status changed to Done it's time to connect via RDP

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