Install Windows on CloudCone

Step 1: Login to linux vps

Utilize your preferred SSH client to log in to Linux. There are various popular options available, such as Putty, Termius, Bitvise, and more. For the purpose of this guide, we will be using the Bitvise SSH client for the connection. You can download it from the following link

Fill Host, Username, Password then click login

After login then click New Terminal Console

Terminal windows appears, we leave it there and get command from tinyinstaller to run

If user is not root then run sudo -i command to switch to root

Step 2: Get the install command

You need to have license key first, if don't have let's buy one

Login to TinyInstaller

Go to then enter your key

Copy the command

Run command

Paste command to Terminal Console in previous step then press enter to run

Choose image

Input the corresponding number then press enter. E.g. I choose Windows 2016 then input 3

Confirm installation process

Copy the tracking link then confirm by answer "y"

SSH terminal will be disconnected and we track progress on website by open Tracking link

Track installation progress and get RDP access in website

Step 3: Connect to windows

Open Remote Desktop Connection

Copy access information from website to access to windows

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